AK Technical Services Division (AKTSD) have more than twenty (20) years experience in waterproofing a wide range of facilities for SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC affiliates and Public Sector Industries. AKTSD are capable of applying various type of system subject to survey and requirements.

Examples of structures waterproofed by AKTSD include, but are not limited to, the following :

  • Multiple Seawater basins / intakes / outtakes for SABIC affiliates in Jubail.
  • Waterproofing of sump pits – SAUDI ARAMCO
  • Waterproofing of Rolling Mill Quench Tanks – HADEED
  • Waterproofing of sewage settling tanks – SAUDI ARAMCO
  • Waterproof lining of large capacity potable water tanks – ROYAL COMMISSION, Jubail
  • Various repairs and waterproofing of buildings, roof structures, underground car parks and basements.

Concrete Repairs 

Over 20 years experience in concrete repair and protection comprising a wide range of reinforced concrete structures to include but not limited to the following :

  • Seawater structures (during shutdown and operational periods)
  • High capacity tank ring beam foundations
  • Large volume concrete water tanks
  • Sewage structures / oily ponds etc.
  • Power and communication vaults / manholes
  • Equipment foundations / pipe supports
  • Underground tanks, vaults, car parks, cable tunnels, sewage / waste water systems and sluiceways
  • Bridge and culvert structures
  • Deck / Floor slabs and retaining walls
  • Sulphur pit structures / DGA Pits / Containment Areas


Over 20 years experience of shotcrete applications within the Kingdom utilizing a wide range of materials for differing structures and environmental requirements. This experience includes the largest concrete rehabilitation and protection operation undertaken in the Middle East using dry mix polymer modified shotcrete which comprised a turn key project for repair and upgrading of over 500 underground power and communication vaults and manholes at the King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah which required the highest specifications for quality of materials, installation, durability and safety.

AK Technical Services Division have over 15 years experience in cementitious fireproofing of structural steel, sub-station buildings, Fin-Fan Supports and equipment structures, roofs, control rooms, walls and fire containment areas.


AK Technical Services Division have the ability and experience to apply all types of fireproofing systems to include :

  • Conventional fireproofing - Gunite and casting
  • Vermiculite Systems - Spray applied and hand applications
  • Intumescent coatings - Spray applications
  • AK Tapecrete Fireproofing System - Gunite and hand applications

The AK Tapecrete System was developed to provide the following :

  • 2-4 hour fire resistance
  • Corrosion protection of steel
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Total imperviousness to ultra violet (UV) solar rays
  • Resistance to attack by chlorides
  • Vapour permeability
  • Waterproofing

Due to its cementitious acrylic polymer content AK Tapecrete fireproofing does not require certification. The AK System underwent fire resistant trials supervised by the Chief Fire Safety Officer from SAUDI ARAMACO Fire Department at Abqaiq and passed with flying colors for use in other SAUDI ARAMCO installations to include projects at :

  • Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
  • Shedgum Gas Plant
  • Berri Gas Plant
  • Abqaiq Plants

AK have also undertaken fireproofing projects for Juaymah Gas Plant – Fin-Fan Supports, Tanajib Producing – Steel Structures and SABIC – SADAF Salt Plant Control Room Building.

Cathodic Protection

More than 15 years experience in undertaking investigation / analysis / design requirements / installation / supervision and commissioning of Cathodic Protection Systems for a large number of reinforced concrete structures throughout the Kingdom and Bahrain including the largest concrete rehabilitation and CP project in Saudi Arabia at Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co. Ltd. (SAMREF), Refinery and Port Complex, Yanbu where an approximate area of over 10,000 M2 was repaired and protected using impressed current cathodic protection and ground bed anode systems.


15 years experience in refractory repair and installation using refractory gunite methods, casting, installation of firebrick and insulating refractories to a wide range of petrochemical, steel and other industries to include but not be limited to the following :

Sulphur Trains :

  • Thermal oxidizers, reaction furnaces, Sulphur converters, condensers, boilers and burners.
  • Heaters / Furnaces
  • Various petrochemical installations
  • Burner Pits / Flare tips
  • Reactors
  • Total refractory relining of top gas outtakes and blast furnace